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Built To Order Bed & Bench Kit


This is a built to order van conversion kit. This kit comes in two pieces for easy installation. Simply slide into your van, secure to your liking and off you go! Modeled after our popular Promaster City conversion, this Bed / Bench system converts from an L bench into a bed in seconds. With plenty of storage, a slide out drawer for a camping stove and Maple construction, this kit is the perfect solution to turn your RAM Promaster City, Nissan NV200 or Long Wheelbase Ford Transit Connect into a camper van on the spot! 

Key Features

Self Contained

Bench To Bed In Under 1 min.

With 3 load bearing drawers and a hinged panel situated neatly atop the bench this system transforms with the greatest of ease. Simple extend the drawers to length, unfold the bed panel to rest on top of the drawers. No extra pieces, no locking necessary. Just a few slips and a flip and you're ready for a nap.

Ready To Cook

2 Burner Stove On The Go

This full extension drawer is built to accommodate most popular, 2 burner camping stoves. With a cutout for control knobs and a removable base for utensil storage, your kitchen is ready anytime, anywhere!

Built To Last

3/4" Maple All Around

Using 3/4" Maple Ply throughout this piece means its built to last. Maple Ply is known for its durability and strength. Add stain and a smooth coat of polyurethane and your kit will keep you camping for years to come.

Dimensions are:

*Dimensions can be modified for a wider bench and bed at no charge.

Bench height - 14"

Assembled - (L) 75" X (W) 47" X (H) 32"

Front Bench (3 drawer): (L) 48" X (W) 20" X (H) 32" (back rest)

Front Bench - Extended to bed. (3 drawer): (L) 48" X (W - Bed) 39" X (H) 32" (back rest)

Rear Bench (BBQ Drawer and Cabinet): (L) 27" X (W) 47" X (H) 32" (back rest)

*BBQ Drawer accommodates most popular 2 Burner Camping Stoves.

Our price for this piece is $2,999.00. Stain of your choice and clear coating included. 


All- new, fickle-free underneath storage as well as a grill cover that doubles as a cutting board!

Included with every new order.

Ready To Buy?

Shoot us an email with you finishing preferences and we'll give you a date of availability. Shipping can also be arranged.

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