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Take a look inside the latest Promaster 2500. Signature 'Whiteout' styling with a build in mobile recording studio.

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Prebuilt Van Kit

Have your very own camper van for under $3k! This hand made, pre-built bed & bench system instals in minutes, giving you seating, a place to sleep and even a place for your grill.

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Featured Project: City

The RAM Promaster City. Our first love.

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Why Down By The River Productions:

Why the name? Please Google "Chris Farley SNL Van." Classic. But, why choose us as your builder? The reason is simple: we love it! We love building vans and we want you to love the van you get. And, we'll work tirelessly to deliver for you.

This whole thing started with one van. It wasn't for sale. It wasn't for show. It was for fun and function. A beachy surf mobile to explore Southern California. During the build proprietor, Brad, reignited a life long passion for building functional, yet beautiful pieces and putting them to use. After a few months of inquiries and encouragement Brad sold that van (sniff sniff) and began taking orders for other enthusiasts. "I wake up every day, beyond excited to get in the garage and take on that next step. It's usually around 1pm when I realize I haven't stopped for breakfast or lunch." says Brad. He carries that passion through every project. Start to finish. Eager to meet the day of delivery and make a customer as stoked as he is.


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